On 25th November 2021 Gloria Kostrzewa-Seyoum wrote:

2021 Wrapped!

As we emerge from lockdown, we were invited by our friends at Metropolitan Workshop to explore ways we can learn from recent events and move forward differently, following this momentous year of change. The brief was simple: to design a roll of wrapping paper that conveyed something significant about 2021. Isabel and I submitted a design (pictured above and below) that portrays people addressing the climate crisis and highlighting the need for change within the built environment industry.

All the submissions will be collated into a festive window display at Metropolitan Workshop's studio, with a new design revealed each day in the lead up to Christmas. We encourage you to stop in the coming weeks by to see it in person! In light of the mental health issues surrounding the pandemic, they will also be donating to the charity Mind on behalf of all those featured this year.