On 26th July 2017 Claire James wrote:

Friday night drinks recap: wheel of landscape

Last week we had a memorable Friday drinks with Landscape studio. The wheel of fortune made us rich in project updates, plant IDs, landscape news and street party plans.

First, it was great to hear from Kate about how our landscape work has evolved over the years, from Hugh Geddes's sabbatical pursuit in the 70s, to Mark Sumner starting up the Landscape studio in 1991.

Of the broad 28 projects we have underway, we selected just a few to give updates on. We snapped through the story of Sutherland Road (which brings together a few different studios), from concept, planning, visualisation to site work in-progress. On the bid-front, Archie gave us an overview of how one of our masterplans was given form and clear strategies consistent throughout a succession of spaces.

Simon showed us how Bartlett Park grew; from the opening up of a towpath to a tiered usable canal-side space. I used this as an opportunity to announce our street party event that will take place there, as our studio is partnering with Poplar Union to create ‘Discover Poplar – a day of play on Cottal Street’ on Sunday 3rd of September 2017. Save the date and get ready for a fun afternoon where you'll be able to learn about the history of the area and our plans to transform the park.

Matthew S's landscape news slot was composed of national and international stories and some great front covers. We were amazed by the headline suggesting that Thamesmead could receive investment on the scale of Stratford. Sarah then told us about our Thamesmead pilot schemes on Peabody's estates, which will engage residents and test design ideas in light, paint, sculpture, wayfinding and more, in preparation for the future transformation.

To meet the landscape architect stereotype and adding to the fun, we threw in a plant ID test. Top marks to Irene identifying the ginkgo and Matthew G with the branch of a silver birch!

Anka ended with an inspirational vast post-industrial parkland in Germany – it’s always a great time to stand in awe of places we love and reflect on what makes them special.