On 16th October 2017 Claire James wrote:

Permission granted for piece of Thamesmead public realm

It is great news that our scheme for the reworking of an open space in Yarnton Way, Thamesmead, for Peabody has now got the go-ahead from the local planning authority.

Our objective is to create a more comfortable environment and this scheme will initiate the demolition of some of the existing podiums and walkways. This is an important element of restoring the use of the ball court, with new seating and an outdoor gym; paved surfaces will be renewed; and the presence of art-led ‘legal graffiti’ will be retained. To realise proposals for coloured patterning on the court and walkway walls, we will work with Wood Street Walls and residents will choose which artists to commission to bring the paint! This intervention is coordinated with the Culture Forum that Peabody has set up for the area.

In tandem with this project, we are working on pilot schemes testing public realm interventions across the Parkview neighborhood as the first step of the plans to reinvigorate this part of South Thamesmead.