On 19th December 2019 Julia Park wrote:

Permitted Development Rights allows homes without natural light

Another great article from the Guardian, this time exposing homes with little or no natural light. And, yes, if you’re thinking Permitted Development Rights might be to blame, you’d be right. Reliance House in Liverpool, is an impressive building in a great location. But those buying one of the completely windowless flats in the basement may soon find out that the smart location and high spec fit-out, don’t make up for the complete absence of light and any visual connection with the outside world. As I say in the piece, I haven’t met anyone who thinks that a home without daylight is acceptable.

The Croydon example is simply appalling. Like many other low-grade PDR conversions, this is being used as temporary accommodation for families. The journalist, Tom Wall, has really captured the harsh reality of what it’s like to be deprived of space and natural light – two things you’d think we could all take for granted in 21st century Britain.