On 20th April 2016 Jo McCafferty wrote:

Your chance to respond to Government-led consultation

We wanted to alert you to a Government-led consultation question which we believe is the last chance to comment on the inclusion of starter homes in the definition of affordable housing. The consultation on starter homes closes in May and we urge you to respond – if only to this particular question, found on Page 7, extracted below, which requires a response by no later than Friday 22 April 2016.

In terms of our position as a practice, we are not opposed to starter homes in principle, just unhappy that they seem certain to replace homes for affordable rent, not be additional to it. Whatever your view, please do respond, to make the consultation responses as well represented from those in the sector, as possible.

Your responses should be sent by Friday 22 April to: planningpolicyconsultation@communities.gsi.gov.uk.

‘In December 2015, the Government also published a consultation on further changes to national planning policy to complement these legislative reforms. This included a proposal to amend the definition of affordable housing for the purposes of national planning policy[1]. That consultation closed on 22nd February 2016. The consultation document proposed to broaden the definition of affordable housing so it encompasses a fuller range of products that can support access to home ownership, including starter homes. Paragraph 11 of that consultation mentioned the Government’s intention to consult on the percentage requirement for starter homes on reasonably-sized sites. In light of the proposals now set out in this consultation document relating to the percentage requirement for starter homes we want to provide a further opportunity for respondents to make any additional representations on the proposed changes to the definition of affordable homes for the purpose of national planning policy’.

Find the Government's complete Starter Home Regulations document here.