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Barrowlands, Lancashire


These proposals for a Local Development Framework develop a 20 ha extension to an existing village and business park, including a cluster of 300 live/work units, a new railway station, village centre, leisure facilities, environmental improvements and reduction of through traffic.

The new low density neighbourhood of family homes sits alongside a section of the main road which will be traffic calmed to provide easy pedestrian flows between the new neighbourhood and the old town. Internal streets link into communal growing areas and pocket parks to create social spaces for the community. Streets form green linkages throughout the framework, connecting into the open green spaces and brook side areas along the edges of the neighbourhoods.

Project Details:

Framework which extends a residential and commercial area while creating a new village centre and enhancing transport links.

Client: Brockhall Village Ltd and Barrowlands Company

Construction Value: TBC

Completion: 2012

Location: Lancashire