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Dawes Road, Hammersmith & Fulham


Our conversion of a late Victorian school building and gatehouse creates a new community ‘hub’ and intermediate rent apartments. The hub provides a state of the art office and training facility for charities delivering support to the local community. The public enter through the arched gatehouse into a new top-lit building which links to the schoolhouse.

The apartments occupy the upper floors of the two existing buildings. New levels are inserted within the Victorian shell to maximise floor space, with a lightweight rooftop extension. The cladding is milky white and blue fritted glass to blend with the sky, minimising visual impact while clearly contrasting with the rich masonry of the schoolhouse below. The former playground forms a new courtyard garden for residents and hub users.

The buildings are classified locally as buildings of merit and we took great care to preserve existing architectural features while extending and improving the buildings to meet high environmental standards.

Project Details:

Conversion of a Victorian schoolhouse into a community hub space and apartments.

Client: Shepherds Bush Housing Group/Fulham Community Partnership Trust

Construction Value: £2.2m

Completion: 2012

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham

Image: Jack Hobhouse