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Future proofing housing supply

As part of one of the Housing Forum Working Groups, we collaborated with housebuilders, housing associations and local authorities, as well as other architects, to produce the ‘Future Proofing Housing Supply’ report, which offers new solutions to boost delivery. Looking across the sector and the continent, the report identifies bright ideas that could help build more homes.

Some of the recommendations are already being pursued:

  • The 2017 Housing White Paper reflects the policy direction suggested by the ‘Sector capacity’ section by incentivising new entrants to market, including community led housing providers
  • The GLA is talking to the community led housing sector about setting up the London-wide incubator service suggested in the report, to help smaller developers and communities kick-start projects
  • The government has also recently announced the £60M Community Housing Fund, which could provide the revolving funds these schemes so urgently need to get off the ground.