On 11th October 2018 wrote:

Factory-made housing exhibition launch

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending the private view of NLA’s ‘Factory-made Housing: A solution for London?’ exhibition, which provided some fantastic insight into the potential of offsite construction for delivering high quality temporary and permanent housing solutions. This also echoed some of our Practice's own research on the topic.

Many of the examples shown were environmentally-conscious, pragmatic yet innovative (including our very own Quaker Court!), all of which can be seen in the research study publication. Although – highlighted by Richard Rogers during his introductory speech – issues with cost, insufficient rate of construction and the general mindset of developers often prevent this method of construction progressing faster. Nonetheless, in a sort of archigram-like eccentricity, he was very optimistic about the future of factory-made housing, given the numerous benefits this process has and pioneering technology that is being developed alongside it.

If you’re interested, the factory-made housing exhibition will remain open to the public in the NLA galleries until 18 January 2019.