On 24th August 2017 Simon Lea wrote:

Friday night drinks recap: Soapbox youth centre

I took the opportunity last Friday to share an update on Soapbox, the new youth centre for LB Islington, which was handed over to the Council last week. Located in a former office building on the corner of Old Street and Central Street, it replaces an existing centre which will be demolished as part of the redevelopment of the Redbrick Estate.

The centre will provide a vibrant new space for 13 to 19-year-olds over two floors, and features dance spaces, a kitchen/bar area, two semi-professional recording studios and lots of flexible space for group activities. We designed the interiors in conjunction with children who use the current centre; this resulted in exposed services throughout, very colourful bespoke fabrics and wallpaper, some beautiful custom plywood furniture and programmable lighting to suit everything from group workshops to evening music and dance performances.

The scheme also incorporates a bespoke pleated glazed shopfront which features a mirrored soffit to create a playful interactive frontage, giving the new centre a very distinctive presence within the area.