On 12th December 2017 Molly Odhiambo Northover wrote:

Gary's studio shuffles into the Christmas spirit

Gary's studio headed out to the London Shuffle Club at the Truman Brewery for two hours of semi-competitive shuffle board on Thursday. We split into two groups and began in a friendly manner, first with girls vs boys and EU vs non-EU. We took it in turns to push discs onto a scoring diagram at the end of the lane, breaking for pizza and drinks when things got too intense. There were a range of approaches to scoring, some aiming for points and others aiming to chip or even destroy the disc itself. Some got better with practise and some did not. We mixed the teams more fairly for the second game where things got a bit more competitive. There were some great hits, lots of misses and overall more fun than was to be expected from the slow paced retro game. We ended the night with more food, drinks and even squeezed in some gifts for home – including stylish branded jumpers and flashing flamingos to remember the night by.