On 27th September 2017 Clare Murray wrote:

Getting to Zero - London Energy Transformation Initiative

Last night I attended the launch of ‘Getting to Zero’, an industry-led initiative of more than 100 professionals influencing new energy policy in London. This was started in May by Elementa Consulting (of which Clara is a Mayor’s Design Advocate, alongside our Julia) and a series of workshops have taken place to collect views on what new energy policy should look like.

The report covers:

  1. Revised London Plan energy strategy targets (I was involved in this working group)
  2. Heat networks
  3. Offset payments
  4. Energy use disclosure.

Although the report has gained a lot of backing so far, it is yet to be seen how the GLA will respond to the recommendations.

My opinion: the decisions that came out of the working groups were really strong, with suggestions such as measuring in energy instead of carbon. But unfortunately, a few recommendations were edited before being presented to the GLA, such as the doubling the offset payments that developers currently make (increasing payments from £1,800/tonne of carbon to £3,600/tonne – which is nuts!).

For anyone who’s interested, a link to the document that was presented to the GLA can be found here.