On 14th October 2016 wrote:

Housing estates visit

For our latest studio trip, we went on an adventure south of the river to have a look at three different housing estates.

First stop: Aylesbury Estate. It was great to visit a scheme that we all know so well and see the contrast first hand between the old estate blocks and our more welcoming scheme, which is surprisingly more dense than those imposing old buildings.

Next stop: Pullen’s Estate. Although it was built during the second half of the 19th century, the original intention to provide both housing and workshops (pictured above) as well as the character of the mews streets remains very successful today. This is a real gem in the middle of London, with an active and vibrant community, so we’d rate this one 10/10!

Final stop (before the pub): Elephant Park. The large scale regeneration scheme has drastically changed the whole area with very well executed architecture and a high quality streetscape. No wonder it was recently named ‘Best New Place to Live’ at the London Planning Awards! It will be interesting to see if the next phases are as successful.

Three very different schemes, all packed into one day – but all equally inspiring!