On 21st July 2017 Gillian Harrison wrote:

Manchester International Festival - third and final roundup

MIF17 has now drawn to a close and life, for me, returns to some sort of normality… no more finishing work at 6pm to start volunteering as a human signpost somewhere!

I tried very hard to squeeze in anything I hadn’t yet seen during the final week. 'Music for a Busy City' was a series of place-based musical installations meaning you could always hear something playing wherever you were. A piece by Anna Meredith was based on the movements of the lifts between Marks & Spencer and Selfridges, whilst Huang Ruo’s composition referenced the Manchester worker bee with two strands playing in separate corridors and coming together around the main staircases at Manchester Town Hall.

Civic Engineers also welcomed us to their evening soiree in the Glasshouse at Festival Square for drinks, nibbles and dancing to the sounds of the Hacienda! Director Stephen O’Malley highlighted the importance of ‘intellectual endeavour and creative curiosity’ – we couldn’t agree more, and MIF is the perfect place to challenge and expose your mind to new ideas and original concepts… and to drink a martini at the end of the world!

I also stretched the festival out a few days, attending 'Fatherland' once the main event had drawn to a close. We hosted a number of friends and colleagues in the wonderful surroundings of the Royal Exchange Theatre for an evening of contemporary theatre looking at the concept of fatherhood.

It’s only 707 days until next time, and we are delighted to announce we will be supporting Manchester International Festival in 2019! It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be involved with such an ambitious and eclectic festival and to be working with such passionate people. Roll on MIF19!