Posted Mar 29 2023 | By Jo McCafferty

Obituary to Peter Tábori

Jo McCafferty has written an obituary to Peter Tábori, who died earlier this month.

The Hungarian architect moved to London in 1956 and studied under Richard Rogers. He worked for Erno Goldfinger and Denys Lasden, but is most well-known for his time at Camden council under Sydney Cook. Tábori was one of the key architects in the development of Camden Council’s radical, and now celebrated, ‘golden age’ of low-rise, high-density housing in the 1960s and 70s and is most well known for Highgate New Town.

Jo’s article, written with neighbour and architect Rachel Stevenson, offers a personal account of her time living in his most well-known and well-loved housing scheme, Highgate New Town.

“We raised our families there, thankful for the car-free routes giving safe playing out space and kitchen windows to oversee them, for the carefully paired entrances and thresholds that encourage neighbourliness, for the connection to landscape, and for the consistency of design quality at all scales that makes these homes and neighbourhood a real pleasure to live in.”

You can read the full obituary in the RIBA Journal here.

Another obituary for Tábori has been published in the Guardian, written by Elain Harwood - you can read that here.

For more information on Highgate New Town, see the maisonettes section in the Housing Design Handbook.

Jo and Rachel are also planning to write a much larger piece about the estate, its design and the sense of community it has fostered, soon.