On 1st February 2021 Rachel Serfling wrote:

Opportunity London: the London boroughs report

'Opportunity London', the NLA's new boroughs report, provides an overview of the key development strategies and areas of opportunity across all 32 London boroughs and the City of London, alongside industry viewpoints on the issues most pertinent to local authorities in delivering growth and renewal.

One such industry viewpoint is from our very own Clare Murray, Head of Sustainability, who wrote about stemming climate change through meeting zero carbon targets. She explains, "This is our opportunity to stand out as an industry that is equipped to fix the planet, rather than continuing to break it. But to do this we must acknowledge that current policies and regulations are not adequate, and that the design of our buildings, places and spaces needs to embed sustainability and zero carbon from the moment the pen hits paper."

You can find more from Clare and the other industry experts in the full report here.

'Opportunity London' believes that each borough plays vital role in the future growth and economic recovery of the capital and makes it clear that, despite this difficult year, London remains a city of opportunity.