On 20th November 2017 Melissa Wood wrote:

Parkview pilots

We’ve been cracking on with phase 1 of our public realm improvements at Parkview, South Thamesmead and are excited to announce that our pilot schemes will go on site at the end of the month! These will be produced as a collaborative process with several community groups familiar to Thamesmead. By doing this, we’re hoping to create a sense of ownership and excitement amongst the residents.

As a response to the floodable nature of the site, Thames 21 will be producing two interactive rain garden strips, encouraging local school groups to have outdoor discussions with students on sustainability and flood resilience. Feedback will be encouraged on the planting palette and aesthetics.

The Archway Project, a youth club and education centre, have designed and produced a series of bespoke metal seating prototypes that will embody a sleek aesthetic and complement the unique context of Thamesmead. Seating groups will be thoughtfully placed throughout Parkview in sets of cubes and bench styles. Photos to follow!

Residents have keenly requested more colour to be integrated into the proposal, resulting in Wood Street Walls to hop on board to produce some trial murals. With the likes of Maser, Supermundane, Carl Cashman and Mark McClure to name a few, our excitement knows no boundaries on what they will produce!

As there is currently a lack of garden space for some homes, Men in Sheds will also be coordinating new planters that will help define spaces in front of homes and further encourage residents to take ownership of the planters, with the option to plant their own vegetation in the future. Seasonal planting will be provided, offering tactile textures in winter and a pop of colour in spring/summer.