On 30th May 2018 Rachel Serfling wrote:

Perspectives on Post-Digital Drawing

The RIBA organised 'Perspectives on Post-Digital Drawing' last night, which I found to be one of their most interesting lectures to date. With speakers from Fala Atelier (below), False Mirror Office (above), OMMX and You+Pea – a mixture of national and international, relatively young practices – the goal was to explore how architectural imagery is being reinterpreted today. One thing for certain is that architectural drawing is not dead.

The work demonstrates the power of architectural imagery to actually create space, not just illustrate it. It was refreshing to see representation treated as a serious part of architectural practice and something that is there to communicate multiple layers of information: not just how a building goes together and how it stands up, but also how you inhabit it.

I also thought Sam Jacob, who chaired last night's debate and curated the associated RIBA exhibition Disappear Here, did an excellent job of asking provocative questions on issues such as 'style' and authorship during the concluding Q&A component. If nothing else, the event made me want to go explore the exhibition (on display until 7th October).