On 8th November 2017 Sophia Major wrote:

Tape installation

Just minutes from our Manchester studio, in the Museum of Science and Industry, lies a giant web that consumes the interior space of an 1830s warehouse. The inhabitable sculpture, a series of tunnels made up of only sellotape, stretches across the room, two metres above ground, wrapping around the timber columns. The web's lightness and translucency is emphasised by the strong contrast with the structure as well as the rough, dark and geometric surroundings of the 19th century industrial warehouse.

Last week, we clambered up a ladder and crawled into the rafters to get an arachnid’s-eye view of the webbed world. The structure allows you to leave your present environment and enter a bubble of surrealism. Excited by the strange atmosphere, we took hundreds of photos and rolled around on the soft bed of tape.

A collaboration of industrial designers and artists have formed a group ‘Numen/For Use’, a collective working in the fields of conceptual art, scenography, industrial and spatial design. Since 2008 the group has focused on configuring concepts without a predefined function, but an activity that has resulted in a more hybrid and experimental piece of work such as the installation Tape. This installation has been set up in all sorts of buildings across the globe, including in Tokyo, Melbourne and Berlin.

Unfortunately it has since closed in Manchester but we are sure it will pop up again somewhere in the future. News flash! Maybe we could set up a web of tape in our studio… it makes for a great chill out spot!