On 18th December 2020 Milly Simpson wrote:

Virtual Christmas party and quiz

Our virtual Christmas party was this week and it certainly got everyone into the festive spirit! Entertainer Boogaloo Stu (pictured above, top left) led a 'Quiffmass Quiz', which was full of laughter. It was a close battle between the top teams, but in the end it was Team 10 who took the prize – well done to Carla, Joe C, Naike, Sally and Zoe.

The quiz was sprinkled with mini challenges featuring plasticine, pop-up cards and tree toppers. A few honourable mentions are pictured above but congratulations to Manny and Victoria H who were crowned the winners for their creative masterpieces!

Last but certainly not least was the gingerbread competition. We had four excellent finalists but it was Adam P (pictured below, top left) who won for his show-stopping creation.

Happy holidays everyone!