Posted Apr 2 2024 | By Matthew Goulcher

We are now an Employee Ownership Trust

We are delighted to announce as of 2 April 2024 Levitt Bernstein has become an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). The practice was originally founded as a Partnership in 1968 and then incorporated as a Limited Company in 1986. We believe this next stage of our evolution as a practice, entirely aligns with our ethos and principles to put ‘people first’.

Under the EOT, 100% of the shares in the practice are held by a Trust on behalf of the employees and there are no longer any individual shareholders. Levitt Bernstein Associates Limited continues as the Trading Company and its directors run the practice on a day-to-day basis.

It will create a lasting legacy for the practice with a focus on:

  • maintaining a great place to work
  • treating staff fairly
  • nurturing staff and involving them more in management
  • giving everyone a real stake in the business
  • creating certainty for future ownership

The practice is creating four bodies to guide the management of the practice:

  • Levitt Bernstein EOT Limited (The Holding Company) – The Trustee
  • Levitt Bernstein Associates Limited (The Trading Company)
  • Senior Management Group (our senior team)
  • Employee Council (employee representative body)

We look forward to continuing to work on socially driven, creative projects that follow our longstanding ethos, focussing on People and Design.