• Landscape Architecture

Down Lane Park (Landscape), Haringey


Down Lane Park is a well-loved greenspace at the heart of a rapidly changing community in Tottenham Hale. It is a park of two distinct halves which have differing but established landscape characters. Our Masterplan for the park's renewal has evolved through a process of codesign that we have led since spring 2022 alongside our client Haringey Council (combining both Parks and Regneration).

Plans to improve Down Lane Park have been created in partnership with the Community Design Group (CDG). The CDG is a diverse group that represents the local community and provides a range of lived experience. Their agreed focus is to shape the Masterplan proposals, inform engagement strategy, and build support for designs by channeling feedback from residents and groups using the park.

The new Down Lane Park Masterplan will create a high quality 'green destination' for local people, but the success of the project will also be measured in how the park serves as a green way-marker for active travel to wider Haringey destinations, including The Paddock, Tottenham Marshes, Walthamstow Wetlands, and Tottenham High Road.

Phase 1 of the Masterplan has been awarded the maximum level of funding available from the Mayor of London's Green and Resilient Space Fund (GRSF) for 2023. With construction now on site, Phase 1 will kick-start the creation of new diverse habitats and the introduction of sustainable drainage devices within the park, layering through interventions for play and spaces for outdoor gym and self-guided sports.

Project Details:

A new park masterplan devised through a process of co-design with local stakeholders, providing a benchmark for community-led masterplanning within the Borough.

Client: Haringey Council

Construction Value: £3.5m

Completion: 2025

Location: Haringey