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Friary Park, Ealing


Friary Park is an existing 1980s housing estate in the London Borough of Ealing. The current estate is arranged as a complex network of cul-de-sacs and meandering streets scattered with informal parking, bin stores, and little amenity for residents. Originally built for private sale, the homes are undersized and in poor condition. Our site includes most of the original estate: 225 homes plus five additional privately owned homes.

Unlocking the development potential for the site, the revived estate will provide up to 990 new homes with commercial and community spaces. A street-based masterplan will better connect the site to the surrounding neighbourhood and improve / expand the underused Friar’s Green along one edge, providing play and relaxation opportunities to the local community. Taller buildings are closer to the railway to the north and the lower, more domestic buildings are located by the Edwardian houses behind them. The landscape provides amenity space for residents and their guests with widened ‘green’ streets and reduced vehicular access.

Project Details:

Regeneration scheme providing new homes close to the Crossrail station within an exemplar new masterplan.

Client: Catalyst Housing Group

Construction Value: TBC

Completion: 2027

Location: Ealing