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Liverpool HIP, Liverpool


After the University of Liverpool's slow growth had led to an inefficient services network, we were asked to design a new energy centre to serve the entire campus. Owing to its prominent location, we were keen to develop a distinctive building, which we termed HIP (Heating Infrastructure Project). Although we were acutely aware of a need to respond sensitively to the Conservation Area context, we also wanted to reflect the building’s use through its appearance.

We devised a visually striking but technically complex facade, which became the pivotal element of the project and allows the building to 'breathe'. Reducing energy consumption was a key driver for this project, and was embraced in the building fabric as well as with the improvements to the plant itself. Altogether, the energy centre is saving 6,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, which is the equivalent of taking 3,000 cars off the road.

For more details, read our Project Story.

Project Details:

A bold new combined energy centre for the University of Liverpool.

Client: University of Liverpool Energy Company

Construction Value: £15.5m

Completion: 2010

Location: Liverpool


  • Civic Trust Awards 2011: Winner
  • RIBA Awards 2011: Winner
  • BCI Awards 2010, Best Practice: Shortlisted
  • Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award 2010: Shortlisted

Image: Eddie Jacobs