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Performing Arts Centre, Haberdasher's Monmouth Schools, Monmouth


Haberdasher's Monmouth School is a boarding school that sits in a prominently elevated position above the town of Monmouth in South Wales. The challenging site falls steeply front to back and is adjacent to the main listed stone school. The new building replaces an old gymnasium that was connected to the existing theatre and drama teaching spaces.

The new three-storey performing arts centre links directly into the school's existing main theatre building and provides a centrally located combined facility for music, drama, and dance, including entrance foyer (for performance gatherings), peripatetic rooms, group practice room, sound-proof rock room, technical studio, music classrooms, music library, and a new music recital hall that seats up to 200 people.

Project Details:

Replacing an existing gymnasium to create a bespoke performing arts centre.

Client: Monmouth School for Girls

Construction Value: £2.5m

Completion: 2020

Location: Monmouth

Image: Tom Biddle