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UAL Wimbledon, Merton


The Wimbledon College of Arts is an internationally-recognised education provider, however, their facilities are not reflecting their status or technical requirements. The existing campus, located in the Merton Hall Road Conservation Area, will be adapted and refurbished to create an integrated performance environment. New performance and rehearsal studios will be created, followed by significant refurbishment to the theatre and library. Existing design and teaching facilities will be improved through the addition of specialist equipment.

No major demolition is planned, instead, external works will enhance the general appearance and tie both buildings together. New landscape will offer well-utilised open space and connect the theatre annex with the main building and the new studios. Flexible, multi-functional ‘pockets’ of outdoor space will bring students and staff closer to nature. This programme of works will fundamentally improve the student experience as well as present an opportunity to create a more sustainable campus.

Project Details:

Adapting and refurbishing an existing campus to support world-class performance courses.

Client: University of the Arts London

Construction Value: £10m

Completion: 2022

Location: Merton