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RETHINK Design Guide: Architecture for a post-pandemic world

How will society emerge post-pandemic? Will we take the opportunity to reset the status quo? And, if so, what possibilities are there for architects to take the initiative in designing this new world?

'RETHINK Design Guide: Architecture for a post-pandemic world' draws together expert guidance across a variety of sectors on how architects can respond to the challenges and opportunities of a post-Covid environment. It also offers insights into how clients are planning for the future.

Julia Park authored the chapter on housing, with additional chapters written by Adam Scott (FreeState), Helen Taylor (Scott Brownrigg), Ian Taylor (Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios), Nicola Gillen (Cushman & Wakefield), Pippa Nissen (Nissen Richards Studio), Sarah Featherstone (Featherstone Young) and Sumita Singha (Ecologic Architects). It has been published by the RIBA.