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We don't just design buildings, we set standards, shape opinion and contribute to books and papers, guidelines and reports. Our work has been in press and it's helped influence government thinking. Our efforts are directed towards making policy more practical and effective, campaigning for quality and fairness, finding creative ways to solve specific problems, and reflecting on lessons learned from 50 years in practice.

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Age-Friendly Housing: Future design for older people

The latest addition to the RIBA’s ‘Future’ series, this book can also be seen as the sequel to the original HAPPI report because that too, focused on the role of... Read more

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Housing forms 90% of our urban fabric and needs to sit at the heart of architectural education

The housing crisis has forced policy makers to address how we can increase the number and quality of homes available across the country. However, it’s only of late that schools... Read more

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Making More of the Green Belt

In collaboration with LSE, we have recently published a report exploring the opportunities afforded by a strategic review of the green belt. With a particular focus on the potential of... Read more

  • Post-occupancy evaluation

Loudoun Road post-occupancy evaluation

Loudoun Road in LB Camden provides 42 new homes, of which 36 are affordable. Completed a few years ago for Origin Housing Group, we have since returned to carry out... Read more

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One Hundred Years of Housing Space Standards: What now?

Part history, part insight and part opinion, this is perhaps the most detailed and contextual analysis of housing space standards that exists, and certainly the most current. Written by Julia... Read more

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Thinking Ahead

Local Authority estates have been a vital part of the UK’s housing provision for over 50 years, and although many face social, economic, placemaking and physical stock issues, the advantages... Read more

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Offsite: design meets manufacture

We are passionate about the opportunities presented by offsite, particularly in the production of our future homes. Occupying the intersection of architecture and industry, the technology has real potential to... Read more

  • Post-occupancy evaluation

Resident training

Our post-occupancy research has highlighted that residents benefit from training when moving into new homes – especially where complex building services are installed in addition to passive design measures. We offer... Read more

  • Opinion

Julia Park: BD’s housing columnist

The best thing about writing a column for BD is the added incentive to stay up to date and make time to think about what’s going on. In such busy... Read more

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Altered Estates

London’s failure to keep up with the demand for additional homes has renewed interest in regenerating existing housing estates – to not only increase the quantity of homes but also... Read more

  • Design Guides

New Council Housing in Enfield

It’s been almost fifty years since we last saw large-scale ‘council-built housing’. From the 70’s this role effectively passed to housing associations, but following changes to borrowing restrictions, many local... Read more

  • Opinion

Why Manchester’s new design guidance is something to be celebrated

From our window in the soon-to-be St. John’s Quarter, we can see a skyline peppered with cranes at work on numerous sites across Manchester. Our informal ‘crane survey’ tallies with... Read more