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We don't just design buildings, we set standards, shape opinion and contribute to books and papers, guidelines and reports. Our work has been in press and it's helped influence government thinking. Our efforts are directed towards making policy more practical and effective, campaigning for quality and fairness, finding creative ways to solve specific problems, and reflecting on lessons learned from 50 years in practice.

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Altered Estates

London’s failure to keep up with the demand for additional homes has renewed interest in regenerating existing housing estates – to not only increase the quantity of homes but also... Read more

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Superdensity: The Sequel

As the scope and concentration of development in London continues to rise, we see an increase from ‘superdensity’ to what we have dubbed ‘hyperdensity’ – surpassing 350 homes per hectare.... Read more

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New Council Housing in Enfield

It’s been almost fifty years since we last saw large-scale ‘council-built housing’. From the 70’s this role effectively passed to housing associations, but following changes to borrowing restrictions, many local... Read more

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The Professionals’ Choice: The Future of the Built Environment Professions

This book examines issues such as codes of professional ethics and how an increasingly commercialised world shifts levels of trust. Andy Jobling, our Technical Manager, contributed the chapter entitled Regulatory... Read more

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Housing our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation (HAPPI)

This report considers how to best address the challenge of providing homes that meet the needs and aspirations of the older people of the future. A thirteen-member panel, chaired by Lord... Read more

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Housing Typologies and Compatibility with Lifetime Homes

We investigated the potential impact of applying the ‘Lifetime Homes Standards’ to current and future housing typologies. The Department for Communities and Local Government commissioned us for this study as... Read more

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Specification Clauses for Rehabilitation and Conversion Work

We wrote this widely referenced resource for residential refurbishment in collaboration with Anthony Richardson & Partners. As clauses themselves are tools to clarify, we have explained when and which have... Read more

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Non-Mainstream Housing Design Guidance

Alongside PRP Architects, we carried out a thorough review of design guidance for all types of specialised housing. Rather than limiting our search to just older persons and supported housing –... Read more

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Lifetime Homes: Technical Forum and Advisory Group

The Lifetime Homes technical forum was set up to identify areas of particular importance or concern to members of the housing industry prior to the Government reaffirming its commitment to... Read more

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Dwelling Space Calculator and Plans for Affordable Housing

We developed a user-friendly ‘space standards calculator’ to generate the minimum dwelling floor areas which would comfortably meet the 2011 range of standards for affordable housing. Based on any combination... Read more